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BOLO 2013 Conference


BOLO 2013 – [boh-loh] – Be on the lookout

Agency focused Digital Marketing Conference – October 13-15, 2013

Don’t just think outside the box. Burn it. Then blaze a new trail.

Ad 2 Reno is proud to announce that we’re partnering with BOLO 2013.  To celebrate we are giving away a free voucher for the event!  Check out our Facebook for all the details. Here’s all you need to know about BOLO 2013!

BOLO 2013 will take place October 13-15. Agency leaders, they’re ready for you.

BOLO has become known for presenting out-of-the-box ideas that actually work. This year, BOLO is taking that to the next level, giving you the special opportunity to be a leader in the revolution that is changing the game of marketing; as best-selling author Jay Baer puts it, “help, don’t sell.”

As marketers are moving away from “like,” and towards “love.” They no longer yell; they have real conversations. “Good enough for most” is becoming “great for this specific group.” And they’re all welcomed and needed changes.

BOLO 2013 will present a mix of current thought-leaders and up-and-coming digital marketing visionaries to give you a fresh yet grounded perspective on how to move your agency forward into the next stage of marketing evolution. Speakers include:







  • Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro

  • Tim Malbon, Founding Partner, Made by Many

  • Gareth Kay, Chief Strategy Officer, Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners

  • Case Study: Bailey & Lauerman – AdAge 2013 Small Agency of the Year

  • John Gagnon, Bing Ads Evangelist, Microsoft

  • …and many more


What makes BOLO awesome?

  • Emphasis on the needs of small to mid-sized agencies

  • Networking with industry pro’s

  • New perspectives on current issues

  • Stellar Bing hosted opening night party – Get your cocktail on!

  • Held at the delightfully retro and hip Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, AZ


For more conference info check: BOLOConference.com


The Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno seeks a half-time Communication Specialist. Reporting to the RSJ dean, this person will be responsible for various types of marketing-based writing, including writing for the Web, promotional materials, advertisements, video and other persuasive forms. The position assists with web publishing, media relations and social media.

Full Job Posting

Position Type:

  • Half-Time
  • Administrative Faculty
  • Non Tenure Track

Required Qualifications:

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and two years of experience in marketing-based writing.

Contact for this Position:

Andrew Johnson

Special Instructions to Applicants:

Please attach a resume, cover letter and contact information for three professional references.

Full Job Posting

Status: Full time position

Salary Range: To be determined based on qualifications

Position Description

M3 Planning is looking for a front-end Web Developer to help build and maintain one customer facing content site and one application and assist with marketing campaigns. The candidate will implement marketing tactics related to building and maintaining 1 customer-facing website, 1 application and the associated customer communication using HTML, style sheets, and  possibly JavaScript for short lifecycle development projects to support marketing campaigns and product updates as well as develop content. Implement core tenets of Inbound Marketing & Customer Experience, including:

  • Development of database-backed websites and layout enhancements
  • Implement customer campaigns to drive retention
  • Coding of web pages using HTML, CSS,
  • Knowledge of either PHP or JavaScript is a big bonus
  • SEO, SEM
  • Analysis, revision, modification and testing of web systems
  • Collaboration with team members and delivering projects on schedule
  • If job applicant shows aptitude, job can include social media marketing, blogging, PPC advertising and graphic design
  • Revel in getting stuff DONE

Basic Requirements:

  • Minimum of two years’ experience in web industry (portfolios speak volumes)
  • Able to hand code HTML, CSS,  (familiarity with WordPress is a plus)
  • Creating CSS-based layouts using semantic, W3C standards-complaint HTML
  • Knowledge of graphic design software including Adobe CS5 Suite
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of marketing management functions

Benefits and Compensation Structure

  • Competitive pay depending on experience, including health benefits and profit sharing
  • Excellent learning and growth opportunities
  • Flexible work schedule

Send resume to:  Erica Olsen


Job Description

The Director, Marketing and Communications, provides and implements a strategic and integrated marketing and communications plan for the Division of Health Sciences (DHS) and the University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). The Director develops, leads, implements, and manages a plan designed to provide consistent visual identity, organizational voice, and institutional messaging on health science matters. An integrated marketing plan increases, strengthens, and improves internal and external relationships with constituents and stakeholders, generates revenue, and increases patient base for the clinical practice of UNSOM, and increases philanthropic giving for UNSOM and DHS. The position acts as chief communications officer and spokesperson on statewide UNSOM and DHS public relations matters and serves as liaison with communications peers at the University, affiliated hospitals, community partners, and other organizational stakeholders. The Director is responsible for staff supervision and budget management. The position reports to the Vice President, DHS/Dean, UNSOM.

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution with emphasis in journalism, advertising, or marketing and five years of experience in marketing, public or media relations management or integrated marketing or a Master’s Degree and three years of experience.

Contact Information for this Position

For inquiries regarding esearch, please contact Marlies Radtke, Recruitment Coordinator mradtke@medicine.nevada.edu For specific position inquiries, please email Stefanie Scoppettone at scops@unr.edu

Special Instructions to Applicants

You must attach the following documents with your application to be considered for the position: resume/CV, letter of application (cover letter), and contact information for three professional references (include name, title, company/organization, phone number, and email address).

Note to All Applicants

A background check may be conducted on the candidate(s) selected for hire. HR will attempt to verify academic credentials upon receipt of hiring documents. If the academic credentials cannot be verified, HR will notify the faculty member that an official transcript of their highest degree must be submitted within thirty days of the faculty member’s first day of employment. The University of Nevada, Reno is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action in recruitment of its students and employees and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, creed, national origin, veteran status, physical or mental disability, and sexual orientation. The University of Nevada, Reno employs only United States citizens and aliens lawfully authorized to work in the United States. Women and under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

Job Opportunity 4/18/12

CITY OF RENO (http://www.reno.gov/Index.aspx?page=414)


Seeking a creative individual who has a desire to promote recreation services. Candidate must have strong computer skills and preferred experience with Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop/Acrobat, Microsoft Word and Publisher. The specialist designs and coordinates requests for fliers, printing and assist with design layout on larger projects. Maintains flier racks, bulletin boards and distributes promotional material.

This position requires additional office duties and public relations duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications: Must be 18 or older, a high school diploma, driver’s license and six months experience paid marketing, public relations or related experience.

This position is a maximum of 20 hours per week (temporary position without benefits). Pay Range is $9.25 per hour to $11.00 per hour.

A completed City of Reno application is required. Submit applications to the Parks, Recreation and Community Services, Administration Office at 190 E. Liberty Street, Reno.

Deadline to apply: April 23, 2012. For more information, call 334-2260.

Applications may be downloaded from www.reno.gov or picked up and submitted at the Administrative Offices, 190 E. Liberty Street. Call (775) 334-2260 for additional information.

So towards the end of last summer, you got all excited because Google was unveiling their new social network. You signed up, took a bit of a look around, maybe posted a couple times, figured that Google Plus was basically like Facebook (except

none of your non-work friends were on it), and started to forget about it before you ever really got into the meat of what it was all about. Frankly, it’s worth taking a second look at, so I wanted to spend a few moments showing you exactly what you need to know about.

First, let’s take a quick look at some the features on Google Plus that you can’t really find anywhere else, then we will explore some of the reasons you really should be using it both personally and as part of your social media plan.

Google Plus has several features that are worth checking out, the first is “Circles”. Circles allow you to organize all of your contacts into different groups, which become important when you begin to post content to your profile. Each post you make to your profile can be made completely public or you can set it to only be able to be viewed by people in the circles you indicate. For example, a local pizza place could announce publicly that they are having a free pizza day or they could organize all of the people who spend over $100 a month on their pizza into a circle and invite just the people in that circle as part of a customer rewards program. This feature is extremely handy if you have multiple audiences or just want to share different content with different people.

Another interesting feature on G+ is the way that it incorporates hashtags. Google Plus hashtags are a little bit different than the ones you are used to on Twitter. While clicking a hashtag on Twitter will only show you other tweets that have used that hashtag, G+ takes it a step further by using good old Google know how to show you all of the relevant results containing the words in the hashtag, even if no one else has used the exact combination of words in your hashtag. For example, if you click on hashtag #socialmedia in someone’s G+ post, it takes you to a sortable list of all relevant posts, pages, and profiles that contain the words social media.

The last feature of Google Plus we are going to talk about is “Hangouts”. Hangouts allow you to host a live video chat with up to 9 other people (for a total of 10, including you) where you can all interact, watch videos, listen to music, share your screen, or even collaborate on a Google Doc from anywhere you have an internet connection. Oh and if you have a front facing camera on your smart phone, you can use that to hangout if you don’t feel like hauling your laptop around. This feature can be used in combination with the Circles feature so you can let as many people as you would like know that you are available to “Hangout”.

As you can see, some of the things you can do on Google Plus are pretty cool, but what really helps to set it apart are the benefits you get from using them.

Let’s be honest, Google Plus IS Google! Regardless of your personal feelings about Google search results, with over 60% of search engine use in the United States, they are still the big dog on campus when it comes to finding what you or looking for. What does that mean for you or your brand? Well for starters, how would you like your picture and profile to show up on top of the search results the next time a prospective employer (or first date!) runs you though Google? Set up and use Google Plus and it can be accomplished fairly easily (check out my mug below, you can see my profile directly next to the search results.).

Granted, that’s pretty cool for personal branding, but Google didn’t stop there. They are applying this to brand pages and “subject experts” as well. Which means, the next time someone looks up your brand (or in some cases a related keyword) these results will show up along side the traditional search results. Pretty neat huh? On top of Google showing G+ profiles on the sides of search results, Google has started to use its +1 button (similar to the Facebook Like button) as an indicator of popularity, which means companies with active profiles have started to experience a bump in their search position for keywords that are important to their brand, a result I can personally attest to.

In addition to the effect G+ is having on search results, there is another benefit that is arguably more important for those of us in the Ad/PR/Social Media world. Social Media marketing is all about the interactions between customers and brands right? Remember the “Hangouts” we talked about in the features section? They are not just for personal profiles. That’s right, brand pages can have live face to face chats with their customers on Google Plus. It doesn’t get much more interactive then a live conversation, does it?

These are just a few of the things you need to know about Google Plus, before you start using. Still not sure you should be using G+ or think we missed something? Let us know in the comments section below!


Kony 2012. It’s swept the interwebs for at least the last 24-hours. If you haven’t taken the 29 minutes to watch, I’ll give you a link at the end of this post because I want you to watch it with the grain of salt I’m about to hand you.

It’s a powerful piece. It should be no surprise to those of us who have studied and worked in advertising though, right? How a thoughtfully written script, skilled editing and the right positioning can tug on our poor little heart strings.

If you watched this video already, did you have a voice in your head saying,

“Wow, it took nine years to get here?” or

“There sure is a lot of strategy behind this charity video.”

I did. I left the video open in my browser as reminder to look into the MANY organizations affiliated with the video, and make a decision later. I had to go and research it. Thanks to the internet though, the research found me. This article, though I have no idea how credible the source, cites dozens of articles contradicting, and in some cases completely eliminating the credibility of the video.

It really doesn’t matter who is right. Share the video if you feel compelled.. Raise awareness, by all means! But please just do your research before picking an organization to promote and financially support . Remember, we work in advertising. It’s our jobs and our livelihood to make materials that move people to action.

You scrolled down, didn’t you? Ok fine. Watch it now, but please come back and finish reading, mmk?

To be creative is to be curious and, let me tell you, there is a lot to be curious about in Reno. From people watching on Second and Virginia streets to the new businesses popping up in Midtown, creative ideas are flowing freely.

Basically, be curious about your community. There are a lot of beautiful places within the Truckee Meadows, both public and hidden, that may inspire your creativity. Take a walk near the river, stroll down city alleys that feature murals by local artists, attend community events, and (my personal favorite) eat at a new restaurant. Food cures all creative ruts.

Here are a few of my favorite places and things that inspire me to strive for creative excellence:

Midtown Eats
Absolutely love this restaurant. From homemade light fixtures made out of recycled bottles to candles to book covers used as receipt holders, Midtown Eats is a DIY, Pinterest-worthy mecca. Did I mention they have great food?

Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum
Inside one of Reno’s newest attractions — a museum dedicated to teaching children about science — is a three-story cloud-like jungle gym. And like the four-year-old boy climbing to its top, I was just as inspired watching action from afar. So for a little inspiration, and a $10 entry fee, take a stroll through this facility and simply play.

University of Nevada, Reno
From its classic brick buildings to a vibrant campus community — from student events to art exhibitions — there is always something going on at Nevada’s oldest (and best) college campus.

Bibo Coffee Shop
This is a personal favorite. I love sipping on a large cup of this Reno coffee house’s Chai tea on my lunch break to unwind from a busy work day, regroup my thoughts and come back re-energized. Locations near the university, downtown and the Old Southwest.

Random Acts of Art
Have you noticed the art behind The Ross Manor? Behind Ceols?  Have you noticed the beautiful sketchings on downtown newspaper bins? There are many other samples of random acts of art. Have you noticed any?

Ad2 Reno…of course
The people. The ideas. Being around each member reminds you why you’re in the ad business. And having others to chat about business, bounce ideas off of and celebrate the successes of our tiny, but tight, community is inspiring in itself.

There’s always something to be found in Reno that may inspire creativity. Some places are obvious, some are hidden. You just have to be curious enough to find it.

If you have a spot that inspires creativity, share it in the comments.

So you get to work from home. Awesome. Good for you. Now get to work.

Working from home, telecommuting, whatever you call it, is dangerous business.  There’s no supervisor breathing down your neck, manager keeping you on task, or co-workers to keep pace with, and these are good things – if you have the cojones for it.  It takes a tremendous amount of personal discipline to stay on track when so many distractions surround you.

-The most important thing I’ve learned about working from home is about preparing yourself for the day as if you were going to the office. Schedule an hour you must be up by, wash your face, put on some make-up if you wear it, and put some clean clothes on. It doesn’t have to be professional attire, but if that makes you feel more professional, then do it.  You’ll feel refreshed and ready to start the day.  Stumbling to the computer in your PJ’s just doesn’t work.

-Set up an office.  This is your space and no one else’s.  This space is also only for work, not for pinning photos or video chatting with your mom…

Conversely, you might be like me and need to do your work in a different place every week. Working at home can be lonely. For some reason I do better on the couch one week, or at My Favorite Muffin the next. There are studies that say changing location helps focus as well.

-If you’re very easily distracted, especially if you check Facebook or Twitter too much, set an alarm for every 20-30 minutes.  It’s a reminder to return to the task at hand should you drift off.

-Get a part-time morning job.  You have to get up, get ready, and when you get home you’ll be awake and energized.  The social interaction really helps as well if you’re extroverted.

-Set a time when you’ll be done for the day.  Turn off your computer for a couple hours, stop checking your e-mail and relax.  If you don’t clearly separate time for work and your personal time, you’ll feel like you’re always at work.

Take advantage of the flexibility of working from your home, or wherever else you might choose. Hit the bank when it’s slow, cook a healthy meal for lunch, but keep the distractions at a minimum. You’ll know when you haven’t put your best day’s work in.  You won’t feel professional and ultimately your work suffers.  There’s nothing more satisfying than putting a good day’s work in with nothing but your own drive and motivation.


It’s time to get thinking about your most creative advertising efforts from 2011 and enter the annual northern Nevada ADDY® awards hosted by the American Advertising Federation of Reno (AAF Reno). Entries are due by Friday, January 27 at www.aafreno.com.

The ADDY® awards are our industry’s largest and most representative competition, recognizing and rewarding creative excellence in the art of advertising. Every year approximately 60,000 entries are submitted in local ADDY® competitions.

The northern Nevada ADDY® awards are the first of a three-tiered national competition – local winners will compete against other winners within their district and those winners move on to the national ADDY® awards competition.

Entries for the northern Nevada ADDY® awards must be made online at www.aafreno.com, and hard copies must also be submitted at the drop-off party held at Jeff Dow Photography on Friday, Jan. 27 starting at 4:30 p.m. Jeff Dow Photography is located at 8543 White Fir St., unit D3. Complete entering instructions can be found online. For more information about entering, please contact Amber Howland at (775) 527-6121.

Themed “The Golden Age of Advertising,” this year’s northern Nevada ADDY® awards show is being presented by Peppermill Reno. The event will take place Friday, March 2 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the EDGE Nightclub inside the Peppermill.

Tickets to the northern Nevada ADDY® awards show are $55 by February 28, $65 at the door. Ticket price includes awards party, appetizers, entertainment and an ADDY® award book For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit www.aafreno.com or call (775) 852.0881.

Hey students! Enter your work in the student ADDY category!

Nothing like a boost to the resume like award-winning creative! Enter your real or theoretical student work for a chance to win, and go to the National Competition!

Best of all: your pals at Ad2 Reno are hosting the after party

The fun doesn’t stop there. Stay at EDGE Nightclub immediately following the awards show to continue your celebration with Ad2 Reno.

The American Advertising Federation of Reno (Formerly A2N2) is Reno’s official advertising club, a professional organization dedicated to serving as the ultimate resource for education, networking, and recognition within the marketing and advertising industries. AAF-Reno is an affiliate of the American Advertising Federation. For more information, please visit www.aafreno.com.

Ad2 Reno is the young professionals chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

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