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Sometimes you start out as a graphic designer and end up a cheesemaker

By @nicolerosedion

In deciding what to write this blog about I thought about the obvious: talk about all the advertising wisdom Bob shared over drinks and also during his lecture at the AAF Reno luncheon. But then I thought, oh how boring? I’m not going to lie, the conversation I had with Bob really started to get interesting once we stopped talking about advertising.
It was myself, Megan Duggan (aka Megan Stanphill- also a current Ad2 member), three AAF Reno members and Bob Hoffman. The conversation started off with us (the audience) asking Bob (our entertainer) what his career has been like, how his clients are to deal with, what he think about specific advertising campaigns…etc. It was definitely interesting, but not different from much of what he talked about during his luncheon speech (although he did give us some juicy details about McDonald’s executives but I’m sworn to secrecy so don’t even ask). Everyone but Megan and I left and then it was three. Bob asked Megan what she wanted to do with her life and Megan said, “Honestly, I just want to be happy,” which led to a much more interesting conversation than the one we were having prior. From that conversation (after most people had left) I learned a few life lessons that I think can also be applied to advertising.

1. Life is unpredictable
Sometimes your company gets bought, or your concept gets scrapped or an employee screws you over. No matter what it is, be able to adapt to your scenario and shine. There will always be changes in the advertising world but as long as you stay true to your core concepts, you’ll be able to stay steady during those times.

2. Do what makes you happy
Sometimes you start out as a graphic designer and end up a cheese maker. Bob’s daughter went to school for art, interned at his company, did very well and now works on a farm as a cheesemaker. This is what makes her happy. Maybe your idea isn’t working? Don’t try to force it. Do what makes you feel good and your work quality and life happiness will benefit from it.

3. Do the right thing
In talking to Bob, I kept asking him what it’s like to be a CEO. Have you fired people? What’s it like? Bob told us some stories about bad employees and how he had to deal with them. From this I learned that it’s important to do the right thing, to show compassion but don’t get taken advantage of. Although this is mostly about dealing with employees, I think the same thing can be applied to coworkers and client relations in general. [Side note: on my way to listen to Bob’s talk at the AAF Luncheon I found a person’s wallet in the parking lot. I turned it into the Atlantis lost-and-found. I hope that lady found it!]

4. Don’t get caught up in the “next big thing”
In life, if you’re always worried about “the next big thing” you’re never really living in the now. This will only make you constantly worried for the future or nostalgic about the past. That’s no way to live. The same applies to advertising. Trends will come and go, new technologies will arise, but good advertising has remained a constant.

Color, Sing and Dance

On stage in front of a conference room of 400 suited-up doctors, Brian Williams started his speech with a simple, but enthusiastic request. “Raise your hand if you know how to color!” Awkward silence deafened the room.  “Raise your hand if you know how to sing!” Again, absolutely no response. “Raise your hand if you know how to dance!” Not even a little bit.

Then he showed that same room of doctors a video of him asking the same questions to a room full of kids. “Raise your hand if you know how to color, sing and dance!” ….“YEAAAAHHH!” – Erupting as if they were at a rock concert. He laughed at this point, “If only you could crowd surf over third graders.”

Brian is the founder of Think Kindness, and this story opened his keynote at Ad2 Reno’s nonprofit workshop this past Sunday.

He begged the question – Somewhere between third grade and age 40, adults forgot how to color, sing and dance? What happened to the creativity? What happened to the dream bigbe anyonedo anything attitude we had when we were little? The theory: negativity in the media. The solution: non-profit organizations.

He reminded us non-profits that we’re the dreamers, the ones who promote good in our community, the ones who fight for what we believe in. We work hard at creating positive messages, rallying for a cause, and sharing them with the world.

Non-profits in the room were uniting around causes like autism, butterfly houses, health and fitness programming, technology for students, girl leadership, railroad safety, horses, and more.  They’re the rock star third graders coloring, singing and dancing.

Big thank you to our marketing professionals for sharing their industry secrets, and to Brian for setting such an inspiring atmosphere.

Ad2sday: April 26

Networking is an evil word, right? Wrong.

If you think that networking means attending a luncheon or conference and collecting/handing out as many business cards as possible, you’ve got a thing or two to learn about a thing or two.

In this town, it’s all about who you know.

Or maybe it’s really about who knows you. In Ad2, we like to think about building meaningful relationships instead of networking. Because you know it’s more than just meeting people that’s going to get your foot in the door. Someone has got to have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. They even have to like you.

So come on out and be your charming self. (Oh and enjoy some drink specials)

Tuesday, April 26
6 to 9 p.m.
Freight House District (at the Aces Ballpark)

Let us know if you’re coming!