I just moved to Reno from Buffalo, NY. My favorite feeling is the “friend high”, the feeling of euphoria you get just from being around your friends. I like magic of most varieties (movie magic, wizardry, etc), books, dancing. Hiking. singing in the car. coffee. Mystery. Travel. I think i could win one of those eat this giant pizzas in an hour contests.

What’s the weirdest job you ever had?
I worked for 7 years at a youth center in the projects (at risk kids). That in itself isn’t weird. But the stuff that happened on a daily basis was…i had kids tell me they wanted to have babies at 14..and be pole dancers,etc. The kids used to run at me screaming my name when I came in the door. Perfect pick me up for a bad day. i miss it.

Summarize a famous book in 140 characters.
Four kids go through a cabinet and end up in another world. With the help of a huge lion, they kill the evil white witch. They become kings and queens. The kids go back home.

Why are you excited to be a part of Ad2 Reno?
I don’t know many people in Reno and everyone in Ad2 is sooo friendly. I love friends. Both the skills and the excitement for the club that each member brings is contagious. Our creative concepting sessions pump me up!