HI! I’m Kaitlin and I love me some social media. I also have a great appreciation for lists. And gift-giving. And snail mail.

This is my second year on the Ad2 Reno board and I am loving every minute of it. You know, because who else can you geek out with over a beer and it be totally normal. These guys! I have a brand-spankin’ new masters degree in Interactive Journalism and spend my day job as the voice behind BLM Nevada’s social media pages.

I have paparazzi pictures of the all mighty tech trinity: Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, I get starstruck over tech gods … and then covertly snap a picture and post it on Instagram.

Summarize a famous book in 140 characters.
Boy turns 11. Finds out he’s a wizard & an evil, lizard-looking wizard is after him. 7 years go by. Lots of drama happens. He wins. 

Make up a greeting card for a modern situation.
Cover:  Picture of a Facebook thumbs up
Inside:  I like you.

Summer in Tahoe or Winter in Tahoe?
Tahoe is Tahoe. Whether it’s sunny and warm or snowing and cold, if I’m in Tahoe then I’m a happy camper. #punintended