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Are you connected in your community? RGJ Media’s social commerce team seeks an area manager with a passion for helping consumers find deals from the best local businesses in town. Use your problem-solving skills and love of digital media to manage a local daily deals web site, including responding to the day-to-day challenges of being on the front lines of a digital commerce business. Work in a fun startup-like environment building a new product in a hot digital media space, while also representing one of the most trusted local media brands in Northern Nevada. The successful candidate will be outgoing, customer-focused, proactive and ready to take ownership of the local site and deliver a great experience to  users.

  • Be the business owner of a local web site. Take responsibility for making your site a success.
  • Know your audience and use that knowledge to select the right deals to keep them engaged.
  • Use your knowledge of marketing to come up with innovative ways to promote the site and its deals, including through social media and live events. Work with local and national marketing teams.
  • Work with the sales team to help merchants get a great experience from the site.
  • Manage inbound sales and occasionally accompany sales executives on calls.
  • Use your problem-solving skills to resolve customer questions and complaints. Work with merchants to answer customer questions about deals.
  • Work with writers and merchants to best present deals on the site.


  • Goal-oriented and results-focused. Ready to take ownership of – and pride in – your local daily deals site.
  • Excellent inter-personal skills.
  • Flexibility and the ability to take on new responsibilities as the product evolves.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work independently, with minimal supervision.
  • Strong knowledge of Reno and its local businesses and entertainment/social scene.
  • Marketing or public relations experience a plus.
  • Experience in product management or web site management a strong plus.
  • Must be familiar with and passionate about the digital world, especially social media.
  • Experience with and/or passion for social commerce, daily deals and local businesses/experiences preferred.
  • Excellent written, verbal and presentations skills.

To apply

Contact Susan Nugent


Are you connected in your community? Are you a go-getter who can stay motivated work independently? Be a key part of a new product team and be rewarded for your hard work – that means high compensation potential. RGJ Media’s social commerce team seeks a local account executive with a passion for finding the best local businesses in town and working with them to create great deals for consumers. Use your business connections and your talent for getting to decision-makers to close consultative sales. Work in a fun startup-like environment building a new product in the rapidly growing daily deals space. The successful candidate will be outgoing, persistent, driven and prepared to sell the sort of deals to retailers, entertainment events and restaurants that you’d want to buy yourself.


  • Drive the full sales cycle, from prospecting for new business to closing a high volume of sales. You will be on the front lines of this product, and its success will depend on you.
  • Identify your city’s best local businesses – the hidden gems – and work with them to offer great deals to consumers.
  • Present the value of social commerce – with in-person, telephone or written presentations – as a way for local merchants to grow their businesses and attract new customers.
  • Establish a consistent pipeline on a daily basis via lead generation.
  • Identify clients’ needs and cultivate effective sales strategies in face-to-face meetings.
  • Work to meet the needs of both merchants and consumers by sourcing win-win deals.
  • Prepare proposals/contracts, and negotiate contract terms/arrangements with client within specified parameters.
  • Work intensively with the rest of the social commerce team to launch the product in your city.
  • Work with other staff of RGJ Media to get sales prospects and leads.
  • Provide consultation and expertise to clients concerning post-deal business management and retention.
  • Meet and exceed individual revenue goals.
  • Only occasional travel.


  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work independently, with minimal supervision.
  • Strong knowledge of Reno/Sparks and its local businesses.
  • Two years sales experience – advertising or related B-to-B sales – required. Digital sales experience preferred.
  • Experience canvassing and cold calling, with a documented track record of sales success.
  • Proficient at conducting needs analysis.
  • Organized and committed to maintaining customer relationship management data.
  • Marketing or public relations experience also a plus.
  • Must be familiar with and passionate about the digital world, especially social media.
  • Experience with and/or passion for social commerce, daily deals and local businesses/experiences preferred.
  • Excellent written, verbal and presentations skills.

To apply:
Contact Susan Nugent

Ad2sday: April 26

Networking is an evil word, right? Wrong.

If you think that networking means attending a luncheon or conference and collecting/handing out as many business cards as possible, you’ve got a thing or two to learn about a thing or two.

In this town, it’s all about who you know.

Or maybe it’s really about who knows you. In Ad2, we like to think about building meaningful relationships instead of networking. Because you know it’s more than just meeting people that’s going to get your foot in the door. Someone has got to have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. They even have to like you.

So come on out and be your charming self. (Oh and enjoy some drink specials)

Tuesday, April 26
6 to 9 p.m.
Freight House District (at the Aces Ballpark)

Let us know if you’re coming!

Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway:

Jessica Ford-Helzer!

If you would like to attend the WordPress Crash Course, offered by Reno Collective and Lively Labs, tickets are available here!

Thanks so much to all who entered, and stay tuned for future giveaways! Remember, they’re available to members only, so if you haven’t already, join now!

Thanks again for coming out to our website launch event last night! We had a blast and hope you did too! We’ll do a recap shortly with photos! But for now, an amazing giveaway from the Reno Collective!

WordPress Crash Course Workshop: Saturday, April 16 at 8:30 a.m.

This workshop is for people who have used WordPress (or are in the process of learning) and want to get a better understanding of what is possible with WordPress for personal or professional use. We will help you become confident using WordPress during this 7 hour workshop.

Programming and/or graphic design skills are not required to attend this workshop.

This workshop will cover:Reno Collective Workshop

  • Web Hosting Considerations when using WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • Setting up WordPress for optimization and security
  • Guided tour through all of WordPress’ features
  • Installing a WordPress theme
    • Making changes to your theme
    • Customizing navigation
    • Customizing widgets
  • Recommended plugins
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of WordPress for
    • E-Commerce
    • Tumblr-style content posts
    • Using WordPress as a Content Management System
  • Common WordPress black holes and how to avoid them.

WiFi and power will be available to guests, and continental breakfast will be served at 8:30am during registration. There will also be coffee breaks scheduled throughout the day. Lunch will be provided.

Attendees are required to have:

  • A laptop (PC or Mac)

Attendees are encouraged to have the following installed before attending:

  • A modern web browser that is up to date (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE)
  • FTP Program (below are examples if you don’t have one)

Who will you be learning from?

Colin Loretz

Colin has been using WordPress since 2006 and develops solutions using WordPress as the principal of Lively Labs. Lively Labs has built many large WordPress websites for hotels, casinos and ski resorts. Colin started the Reno-Tahoe WordCamp in 2009 and has been a speaker at WordCamps in Reno, Orange County and Las Vegas. He is a big believer in the fact that all WordPress websites don’t have to look like blogs.

Ed Adkins

Ed has been building websites on WordPress since 2005 and has presented at Wordcamp on using WordPress to manage websites that aren’t blogs. Having worked in search engine optimization (SEO) web app marketing and web design, he currently manages the Reno Collective, a workspace and community for freelancers and entrepreneurs in downtown Reno and has also worked with Lively Labs managing projects with Colin.

What have they built on WordPress?

The following websites are built on WordPress and utilize most of the tips and tricks that you will learn during this workshop.

This class is brought to you by Reno Collective and Lively Labs

Early bird tickets are sold out, but Ad2 Reno members can win a ticket right here.


You must be a paid member of Ad2 Reno or UNR Ad Club to win this incredible prize, valued at $250. If you’re not a member yet, join right meow.

Enter by leaving a comment on this post about how you plan to use your newfound WordPress Ninja Prowess. Tell us why you should get this ticket and we will select a winner at noon on Friday, April 8.

Again, you must be a paid member to receive this prize. If you’ve been on the fence, NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN! Get on that.

Ad2 Reno Website Launch Party

Is it Thursday yet?

The sexy party you’ve been hearing about is only 2 days away! We’re all ready to launch our brand new website this Thursday at 6 p.m. at Reno Collective, and even more excited to see all of you there! This is just a little reminder for you to mark your calendars because this is an event you won’t want to miss!

Nothing beats a night of free food and drinks, along with our one-night-only membership deal – 15 months for the price of 12 ($65).

How would you feel about winning a brand new Skagen watch? What about some concert or basketball tickets? Those are just a few of the sexy prizes we’ll be raffling off, so you’ll probably want to get in on that as well.

Don’t forget to RSVP now on Facebook, and be sure to follow our Twitter hashtag for the event – #ad2sexyparty.

Welcome to our brand new website! We know advertisers are sexy, and so do you you. Now, we have a website to show it.

If you aren’t already familiar with Ad2, we are a division of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for advertising, marketing, graphic design, public relations and communications professionals under the age of 32. Ad2 Reno has been around since 2004 and has been producing award-winning work since day one.

So, have a look around! Read more about us and what we can do for you. Check out some upcoming events and other ways to get involved.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow us on twitter and go ahead and like us on facebook. You’re going to want to be kept updated.

Geo-fencing, you say?

AT&T is the first American carrier to provide location-based ads via text message. “Geo-fencing” is just what it sounds like. Participating retailers have a virtual fence around their store, and if you’re a subscriber to the service, and you’re within the “fence,” you get a coupon sent straight to your phone. The service is called “ShopAlerts,” and so far only “big city” dwellers can take advantage of it.

If successful, though, we can expect to see the service expanding to more people and with offers from more companies. We think it would be awesome to see this in Reno, don’t you? Not to worry – we’ll keep you posted.

The beauty of the text message outlet is that you don’t have to have a smartphone to participate. Your scratched-up flip-phone that you just cannot part with will work just fine.

Courtesy of Switched and TechCrunch

image credit

Ad2 Reno’s very own Kevin Jones lead a workshop on Adobe Illustrator CS5 for a group of UNR Ad Club students last week. Quite appropriately, he called it “How To Make Your Business Card Not Suck.” Not only did the students get a basic tutorial run-down of the graphic design software, but also got to create their own business cards and discover the importance of one of the first steps to branding themselves.

After all, a business card may seem like something fairly simple. But it represents YOU, and when you meet someone for 3 minutes and hand them your card, it’s one of the only things that person will remember you by a few days later when they pull it out of their wallet. It should brand you. It should BE you.

Here are a few of Kevin’s quick tips from the workshop:

  • Be unique. Express yourself through your card, whether it’s through the copy or the design.
  • Try to use a real email address. Do not use Domains and email plans are cheap. You can buy a simple email hosting package and domain name for les than $20 a year using godaddy or someone similar. At least try to get something simple like
  • When in doubt, simplify. Keep it simple. Over complicating things usually makes it worse.
  • Easy on the fonts. The classics are classics for a reason. Don’t just go crazy on It doesn’t look professional and people most likely won’t like it.

Kevin’s presentation outlined the importance of being creative and unique, without being gaudy and obnoxious. Make yourself noticeable, but not overbearing.

A core component of Ad2’s mission is to bridge the gap between students and professionals, and that is exactly why events like this are so important.

“We’re so lucky to have professionals in the community who contribute to Ad Club. If there’s one thing I can say as President, it’s that we have the most amazing J-School alumni who are always more than willing to help us out, and I’ve been very thankful to have them as a resource this year,” said Jenna Hubert, UNR Ad Club President. “This workshop started with students on computers who had never opened the Illustrator program, and by the end they had created their own business cards. To me, that’s success.”

Hot Topics

  • AT&T vs. Verizon iPhone Ad WarsApple is the ultimate winner here…but who gets your vote? Check out the ads here and let us know on our Facebook/Twitter pages!
  • Mashable’s Top 10 Viral Video Ads of 2010From hunters and bears to the “Swagger Wagon,” you can find them all here!

image credit

Super Bowl Ad Recap

Then again…no one cares about football. We all know that the Super Bowl ads are what’s really important here. There were quite a few clever commercials this year (others, not so much). Perhaps we were all a little surprised at the amount of money the auto industry put toward the big event this time around. Volkswagen, with “The Force,” featuring a mini-Darth Vader, seemed to capture the attention of audiences everywhere and earned an overall thumbs-up, according to TIME, The Washington Post and of course, Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, we created our own hashtag for the event, #ad2sbcom (Ad2 Super Bowl Commercials). We gathered a few of our fellow ad fanatics to rally some discussion about the ads during the game…but we’ll have more on that in a minute.

Now, what about the celebrities making appearances this year? Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne made quite a pair, and Kim Kardashian may or may not lose some followers after that one. Chrysler has apparently snagged Eminem for its new “Born of Fire” campaign, and he may be sticking around for a while. You can read more about that in Chrysler’s news release. And who else saw Kenny G? Yikes.

Viewers were not so enthused by, who decided to use their $3M spot to announce Joan Rivers as the new girl. Groupon also made it to the bottom-half of the rankings, with accusations that the Tibet spot belittles the country’s current crisis and leverages tragedy to promote business. The Huffington Post has more on that scoop.

So, there you have it. Aside from a few ad favorites, our viewers seemed a little less than impressed this year – maybe all the hype got hopes a bit too high. We’ll have to wait and see if $100K per second will prove to be worthwhile for this year’s big spenders.

OK, your minute’s up.

Here’s what a few of our contributing tweeters had to say during the big game:

@AmberWilhelm – #Doritos and #PepsiMax are killing it so far. #love #ad2sbcom

@jennaHub#ad2sbcom how about Motorola doing a 1984-esque commercial? Didn’t apple own that?

@selahford – RT @damhsoir_go_deo Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial.. SO CUTE #ad2sbcom

@godbeywithyou – @adage everyone at our superbowl party thought the motorolla tablet was an iPad… 1984, meet the world of apple. #ad2sbcom

@UNRadclub – @AdFreak verdict is in at our super bowl party: Volkswagen Darth Vader #ad2sbcom

@nicolerosedion – @jennaHub Eminem endorsing anything feels awkward to  me.#ad2sbcom

@brittanyrubenau – The Beetle commercial was awesome too! VW has won me over this year, hands down. #ad2sbcom

You can watch the Super Bowl ads and take a look at the rankings here. Keep the hashtag alive – share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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