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Here’s to you, Non-Profits

There seems to be a lot going on lately that may be of interest to the many non-profit organizations here in northern Nevada, so this week’s e-newsletter is dedicated to providing you with those resources, in case you haven’t heard about them. In lieu of our normal public service section, we want to share a few things that can further the growth and support of your organization.

One Community grant initiative

Blue Moon Advertising & Promotions has been providing businesses and organizations in northern Nevada with quality promotional materials for 13 years. Every year, they also provide over $100,000 in support to non-profit organizations through discounts, item donations, cash gifts and other services. More information is available through their website and along with the grant application. The deadline to apply is September 15, and selections will be announced October 15.

Bellstrike website support

Bellstrike understands that it can be difficult to successfully maintain a website – whether it be lack of resources, time, manpower or all of the above. That’s why they’re in the business of assisting non-profit organizations with creative solutions that aim to increase engagement, funding and exposure. Bellstrike can help you create a custom, easily manageable website that is built to easily accept donations, allow for social media integration and even incorporate a blog. Initial setup and website hosting is free, and this is a great opportunity to further your brand and online reputation. Visit Bellstrike’s website for more information.

Stumbling for Good

StumbleUpon is a tool for discovering web pages, photos, blogs, etc. that are recommended based on individual interests and lifestyles. They have recently launched “Stumbling for Good,” a program to help increase awareness and website traffic for non-profits. The idea is to introduce people to organizations that they have never heard of and/or wouldn’t think to look for – which goes along with the premise of StumbleUpon. Take a look at the blog to learn about how StumbleUpon has helped the World Food Programme. And if you know of a deserving non-profit or are part of one, find out how StumbleUpon can help you.

Eats, Arts & Entries

Everybody loves Ribs

Ad2sday at the Rib Cook-off = You, Us, Raffles, an awesome BBQ dinner, and LOTS of people to mingle with. We thought it was a pretty sweet deal. Coincidentally, the only day of the week the ever-famous Nugget Rib Cookoff doesn’t fall on is… You guessed it – Tuesday. Having figured that out, we’re switching it up a little this month and hosting Ad2sday on Thursday at Victorian Square. Check out the link in the sidebar to RSVP on Facebook and get all the details. It will be a nice change of scenery, so bring your friends and we’ll see you all there!

A Personal Touch

If you haven’t already heard this story, it’s sure to brighten up your day. You may even need to pull out a tissue or two, if you’re one of those “tears of joy” kind of people (some of us are!). David Calvert is one of Ad2’s very own, and a very talented photographer here in Reno. You may know him, or you may have seen him walking around or taking photos at an Aces game. But if you see him now, you may not recognize him – he cut off 12 inches of his hair. He donated the foot-long ponytail to Locks of Love, in memory of his high school journalism advisor and long-time mentor, who died after years of battling cancer. It’s really an inspiring and heart-warming story, but of course Calvert himself tells it best. Read his full blog post here.

Whose chair is that?

The Nevada Museum of Art is working with DesignMatters on kicking off its inaugural event this October. Here’s the run-down: Teams of 2-4 designers will combine their creativity to design and create a chair. Yes, a chair. I think we’ll all be surprised at what designers from all different disciplines and backgrounds can come up with when a lot of great talent is put together. All entries will need to be dropped off at the NMA between 2 and 3 p.m. on October 20th to be displayed and judged. Take a look here for complete guidelines and to download an entry form.
P.S. – Calvert (yep, the guy from the previous blurb) is looking for a partner!

Join the force

Still looking for that perfect opportunity to get involved? This may be your chance! The AAF District 14 ADDY committee is looking for a couple of Ad2-ers to form an ADDY Task Force to promote the amazing things that are created here in Reno, and help gain recognition for the talented people who create them. It requires some simple production work, and the time commitment is minimal – about 10-15 hours of work, but not until next March when ADDY season is in full swing! We would like to get the committee established ahead of time, so if you’re interested or just want some more information, please contact Rebecca.

Don’t forget to take a look at the minutes from our August Board Meeting!

By Kristin Larsen
Ad2 Reno Public Service Co-Director & M3 Planning Marketer/Web Designer

Knowing the way and traveling the path are two different things. Even the best strategic plan is worthless if no follows it. An organization must execute the plan to see the benefits in the results. By regularly tracking metrics specified in the plan and reviewing results, it can be easy to keep the plan top of mind and grasp what is working, what isn’t and what needs improvement.
Having an evidence-based approach to your work is the best way to drive improvement organization-wide. By enabling your team to know the plan, they will know what are your organization’s top priorities, how to achieve them, what they are responsible for, and how to measure success.

It’s critical to put a plan into practice and for many organizations, that’s where even the best laid plans go awry. Follow these steps to keep your organization on track:

  1. Track plan metrics: As specified in the side column “Make Your Goals SMART,” it’s important for each objective, strategy and tactic to be measureable. It’s just as important to track the results for each of them, so you have a clear idea of your progress. It’s a good idea to record the results weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on your business cycle. If you wait any longer than quarterly, you risk making your plan irrelevant.
  2. Hold regular strategy review sessions: Having a monthly or quarterly review serves a couple of purposes.
    • Firstly, by reviewing the results with your team you can celebrate successes and identify areas that need improvement. Having cold hard data also makes it easier for managers to assess performance.
    • Secondly, it helps to keep the plan priorities top of mind, so each team member is focused on the parts of the plan that have been assigned to them. Together their efforts help to achieve the top level goals and objectives.
    • Thirdly, before or during these meetings, give staff the opportunity to give an honest assesment of what is working and what are stumbling blocks. This make it possible to identify solutions and new opportunities to take advantage of. When the lines of communication are open, it’s easier to work as a team.

Remember, sometimes a strategic plan needs to be adjusted to reflect the new needs or abilities of the organization or department. That’s fine. A strategic plan should be nimble. Just make sure to include those changes in your plan so everyone is up-to date. Identifing those needed shifts in strategy early is a benefit of having monthly or quarterly reviews.

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Even More Resources…

More resources on this and other topics are available from Reno-based M3 Planning, a strategic planing firm and the authors of “Planning For Dummies.”

Make Your Goals S.M.A.R.T.

Writing effective objectives will help you get results, give staff priorities and create a clear course of action to achieve your desired changes. Objectives are typically 1- to 3-year action statements. Following this goal formula will help keep your team on track and achieving.

Specific: A specific objective will easily be able to answer Who, What, When, Where and Where questions.

Measurable: Objectives must be written so that you are able to determine your progress towards the objective as time goes on.

Attainable: Objectives should be written in a way that you have to work to achieve them, but are able to accomplish given past experience, market conditions, or your expectations.

Responsible person:* Accountability motivates the person the goal is assigned to take action and get it done. Without a person leading the effort, group assignments can often fall into inactivity.

Time-Bound: Objectives need to have time restraints placed on them. This not only helps measuring progress towards the objective, but with the overall evaluation of your campaign.

* There is an ongoing debate about what the “R” in S.M.A.R.T. should stand for. “Realistic,” “Results-bound,” and “Relevant” are also popular choices.

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Even More Resources…

More resources on this and other topics are available from Reno-based M3 Planning, a strategic planing firm and the authors of “Planning For Dummies.”

By Chris Shaffer
Ad2 Reno Treasurer & Eye-Com Corporation Marketer

Most organizations have a general idea of what they would like their marketing efforts to accomplish. But spelling out those goals and how they will d

o it in a marketing strategic plan can yield significantly better results and make it manageable.

Identifying goals and objectives helps prioritize efforts, and creates a means of measuring success. Having clear aims to shoot for gives staff a clear understanding of what they should be working on and what’s off mission.

There are multiple ways to structure a plan, but this is a common and effective way to break down the big picture into a series of actionable steps. Typically, each objective supports the goal, each strategy supports an objective and each tactic supports a strategy. This helps to make sure your efforts are aligned with your over-arching goal(s) to help you focus on achieving it. With communications plans often covering public relations, marketing, and advertising, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But breaking it down into specific actions using strategies and tactics makes it much easier to chart your path forward.

The easiest way to explain Strategic Communications Planning is by comparing the way you plan to the way a military plans for war (yes, we admit it’s a bit of a stretch, but trust us, communications IS a WAR).

Imagine it is December 8, 1941, the day after the Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor, and you are the commanding general of the American mili- tary in charge of fighting back. To plot out the strategy, you must plan all of your goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to combat the Axis.


Goals are the over-arching thing that you wish to achieve. They can be extremely broad, and are designed to give you an overall direction to head in.

  • Military Analogy: Defeat the Axis and end the war.
  • Organization Example: Be the go-to source for information about
    writing strategic communications campaigns.


Objectives are much more specific than goals. When you are writing objectives, it is important to remember that they should follow the principles of a S.M.A.R.T. goal (See related story “Make Your Goals S.M.A.R.T.”).

  • Military Analogy: Take 10 miles of beaches along the coast of Normandy, by no later than June 6th, 1944.
  • Organization Example: The marketing department is responsible for obtaining 15 new customers per month for this fiscal year. (Person in charge: Ima Tiger)


Strategies are how you will achieve your objective.

  • Military Analogy: Use a fleet of amphibious ships to land troops on the beaches.
  • Organization Example: Collect contact information for 100 new sales leads and potential donors per month for this fiscal year. (Person in charge: Tom Shoes)


While strategies are the thoughts and ideas that you will use to accomplish your objectives, Tactics are the actions you will use to implement your strategies.

  • Military Analogy: Use the 101st United States Airborne division to take out the German artillery covering the beaches of Normandy, so that the boats can land safely.
  • Organization Example: Use a combination of paid advertising and media relations campaigns to reach 10 percent more potential new customers each quarter. (Person in charge: Fonzie T. Bear)

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Even More Resources…

More resources on this and other topics are available from Reno-based M3 Planning, a strategic planing firm and the authors of “Planning For Dummies.”

3 Renoites and a Moustache

Alright ladies and gents, a few of Reno’s developers have earned the chance to really make a name for themselves, and we’d like to give them some major props! The Reno Collective – with the talent of Kevin Jones, Colin Loretz and Chris Yoder – are finalists in the Evernote Developer Competition for their work on Colorstache.

The big idea? Organizing your notes by color! Pretty sweet, we thought! Make sure you check it out, and you can vote DAILY through August 17 if you have a Twitter or Google account. Let’s help them bring home the win!

On the Course for a Cause

Our awesome client, Think Kindness, is hosting the first annual Kindness Classic at Lakeridge Golf Course on September 16. Dinner, networking, raffles and contests – all in an effort to raise funds for all of the great things they do for thousands of people each year.

The event will also offer $2000 in scholarships to high school students. The four individuals on the winning team will each receive $500 towards books and tuition for their first semester of college.

The Kindness Classic is open for anyone to participate, and those interested may sign up as an individual or in teams. Please visit their website for more information!

Movin’ On Up

We’d like to give a shout-out to our newest members, Ashley Parmentier-Smith and Kylee Brooks! Ashley and Kylee were members of the UNR Ad Club until they graduated with degrees in Journalism and joined us at Ad2 Reno. We’re stoked to have them and can’t wait to see what their creativity and enthusiasm can do for our club!

Outlooks & Opportunities

A Note from the President:

The Ad2 Reno board is full of fresh new ideas for the club, and ready to transform those ideas into action. Two weekends ago, we all gathered for a planning session that involved LOTS of Post-its, plenty of ideas, even water balloons. We have buku goals for this club in terms of fundraising, events, education, public service and of course, making it your best possible club.

Huge thanks to Frankie Vigil for taking time out of her day to come and talk with us about planning. More specifically, planning the best Ad2 year possible. We are not only stoked, but now very well-equipped to hit the ground running in the 2011-2012 year!

Look out soon for some membership surveys, new events and professional development opportunities, and ways you can get involved! If you haven’t already joined a committee, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for! Getting involved in this club is the best thing that ever happened to my career, and I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunities here. As always, I’m available night and day via e-mail or on my cell phone (775-848-5309). Please, reach out to me if you ever have questions, concerns, suggestions or simply need to bounce ideas off of someone over a cup of coffee.

Rebecca Wikler
President, Ad2 Reno

Be the bigger person

Theodore McManus and Leo Burnett, Ray Rubicam and David Ogilvy. Advertising’s greatest didn’t get to where they are now on their own. They had great mentors to whom they still  credit to this day.  We are seeking mentors to participate in our own ADvantage mentor program fueled by Ad2 Reno and UNR Ad Club. Most of us can say that it wasn’t exactly easy coming straight out of school thinking you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, to wondering why no one wants to give you a callback – let alone a job. Plus you didn’t really want to network because that was just awkward and made you want to curl up in a ball in the corner. Woulda been nice to know someone that knew people and things about the industry to help you out with all of that, huh? Well, maybe you can be that person for someone else. We’re looking for mentors. Passionate, committed, awesome ones. Let us know if your interested.

Still need to get your feet wet?
Well, stop being so shy, will ya? We’re looking for your insight and your big ideas, so if you’re not on a committee yet, reach out to one of us! We’ve got a spot for you no matter what your interest, and we can work with you regardless of your time committment. For more information, shoot an e-mail to one of our committee directors

Winners, Websites & Witticisms

The wait is over–

We are stoked to announce that we have selected Think Kindness as our 2011-2012 public service client! We will be working with organization founder and president Brian Williams to create a year-long marketing campaign, completely pro bono. You know, out of the kindness of our hearts and to promote the kindness in Brian’s heart — See? Two peas in a pod. Anyway, for more information about Think Kindness and to read the full blog post, visit our website!

Skinny-Dipping Sheep

Not so much on the skinny dipping, but Sheep Dip is the event where you get to make fun of Reno’s newsmakers. We know you want to. This will be the 48th annual Sheep Dip Show, and it’s put on by local non-profit Sheep Dip. The show is a night of song, dance and skits and is also known as “The Roast of the Town.” It’s coming up in January, so we’ve got a little ways to go, but anyone interested in volunteering or learning more about the organization is invited to attend the Mimosa event. It’s just a friendly coming together of locals in the community to get started on the planning and volunteer sign-ups for January’s event. If you are interested, please contact Michelle for more information.

Calling all fellow BAMFs

Are you interested in web design, development, blogging or maybe just learning WordPress? Join our website committee! Yes, the Kevin Jones is forming his own super-cool, super-smart website committee to handle all updates and expansion of the current Ad2 Reno website. Don’t worry, if you’ve never had anything to do with anything that has to do with a website in your entire life, this can be a great time to learn. On the flip side, if you think you’ve got game and want to work with us, maybe you can teach us a little something, too. If either of these describes you – or maybe you’re somewhere in between – please email Kevin and let him know you’re interested. You must be a member (and preferably pretty awesome, too) in order to participate.

One man’s junk…

That hand-me-down turtle neck sweater you “never wore,” the old Nintendo 64 complete with Mario Kart, even an easy bake oven — we want them. All that random stuff you’ve got buried way back in your closet, shoved in that box in the corner of your garage, under your bed. If you can’t even remember what’s in the nooks and crannies of wherever, then you probably don’t need whatever it is. That’s why UNR Ad Club is hosting Get Rid of Your Junk, Ad Club Style. It’d be awesome if you would help them out by donating some of your long lost items. But, if you just can’t bear to part with yours, then maybe you’d rather come and buy someone else’s. Of course, you can always do both. How’s that for a win-win? If you can’t make it, you can e-mail Lindsey and set up a time to drop things off ahead of time. For the when, where and other details, check out the sidebar!

Are you Legit?

As in… have you paid your dues? If not, now is the time and Chris is your guy! Get in touch with him if you still owe for the 2011-2012 year. Dues are $65 for the 12 months. You won’t be sorry!

After MUCH discussion and debate by the public service committee, we’re ecstatic to announce we’ll be working with Think Kindness to provide a full service marketing, advertising and communications campaign completely free of charge.

Think Kindness is a local non-profit founded by president Brian Williams. The organization aims to inspire change through simple, random acts of kindness. As a motivational speaker, Williams and his Kindness Crew have created several 15-day programs targeted at elementary, middle and high schoolers; and corporations, that challenge individuals to change the world through kindness.

To date, these 15 day challenges have reached 45,000 students with more than 180,000 documented acts of kindness. In addition, Think Kindness has collected more than 50,000 shoes for Soles4Souls and in 2009, received the Thornton Peace Price for its impact on the nation’s youth.

“We’re excited to work with Brian,” said Ad2 Reno public service co-director David Calvert. “Think Kindness is a great organization. They teach kids, adults—everyone—that kindness, no matter how small makes a difference.”

“This is a great opportunity for us,” said Williams. “We’re excited to work with the Ad2 professionals. And with their help, reach even more people.”

Stay tuned

We want to thank all 57 local non-profits that applied. There are so many good causes here in northern Nevada, it was nearly impossible for us to choose just one. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your applications and please, PLEASE apply again next year.

In the meantime, stay tuned for resources and a workshop, which will be announced soon. To stay updated, sign up for our e-newsletter!

Members, it’s not too late to get involved!

Not even close. Contact us now about getting on the public service committee. Get experience, build your portfolio, feel good.

Kristin Larsen and David Calvert
Public Service Directors


It’s on.

After the hair-pulling and finger-pointing, we finally narrowed it down. Choosing the top 4 non-profits out of a whopping 57 wasn’t an easy task. The smackdown will continue next week when we meet to interview the final contenders. For more info, take a look at our blog, because it’s sweet. Of course, you can always find the latest information on our website to make sure you’re up to speed on everything that’s happening.

He’s here to collect

We’re pretty sure he’s part of the mob. He’s even got some Italian in him. He’s terrifying. He could take down Don Vito Corleone in a second. You guessed it – Chris has come for his money, and he’s gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. Dues are due, and he will find you. Tell me you’re not afraid of this.

Le Salon de Refusés

What do you get when you mix a street sign, a set of keys and macaroni noodles? A pig, of course. We’re not asking you to turn into Claude Monet overnight, but it’s time to break out that inner creativity. Lucky for you, the deadline to enter the Art Slaves Show and Sale has been extended to Friday, July 1st. If you’re interested, please contact Frank Haxton at Digiman Studio.

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