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Here are a few things that should not be in any press release:

  • Do not use all capital letters to emphasize anything. IT COMES ACROSS AS UNPROFESSIONAL AND LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING AT THE READER.
  • Avoid grammatical errors.
  • Don’t send out a press release lacking content and substance. There has to be news in a press release for it to make the news.
  • Don’t write an advertisement, or use promotional/fluffy language. Stick to the facts. It will give you much more credibility.
  • Using the words “you”, “I” or “we” outside of a quoted statement, is not appropriate. It will make your press release sound like it was written with a biased voice, and it will have to be edited out before running in a publication. Save a reporter the extra work. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to run it verbatim.

Job Opportunity 11/29/11

The Glenn Group, one of the state’s largest and premiere marketing communications firms, is currently seeking qualified candidates for a full-time position within the public relations division in the Reno office.


The Public Relations assistant account executive handles day-to-day activities for assigned clients, under the direction of the vice president/public relations.  The ideal candidate will thrive in a fast-paced creative environment and will be creative, detail oriented, organized, and proactive.

The chosen candidate will demonstrate strong writing skills across a variety of mediums and industries; solid media relationships (statewide and national preferred); knowledge and experience in executing effective social media strategies and tactics with a variety of platforms (please provide examples); understanding of and experience executing community relations strategies including strategic partnership development; and excellent verbal and written communications skills.  Other requirements are listed below.


  • Previous agency work preferred. A minimum of 2-3 years experience in public relations, media relations, community relations or related field. A bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, marketing, and/or advertising is preferred.
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills are mandatory.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the following areas:
    • creating and managing social media campaigns.
    • social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) – strategic uses.
    • online advocacy, writing editorial, community-outreach efforts, monitoring and posting on blogs, and seeding content into social applications as needed.
  • Must work well under pressure and meet deadlines while maintaining accuracy and attention to details.
  • Must be available to work evenings, weekends, special events, and holidays.
  • Must demonstrate poise, professionalism and teamwork.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, database software, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Our team is creative, fun loving, passionate and results oriented – not to mention dog-friendly and family-oriented. If you think you’d be a good fit, we invite you to submit a cover letter, resume, work samples, references and salary requirements to:

Tiffany East
VP/ Public Relations
The Glenn Group


Sometimes you get lucky, and I was lucky to land my current (and first) professional job. After I graduated from UNR in the Spring of 2010, I moved back in with my parents and worked at the same summer job I had throughout college. Then, once the national IMC competition was over in June, I had an interview with an ad agency in San Francisco. I thought, “This is it! I can move to the big city and start my career!” Well, that didn’t happen and I was pretty bummed.

Since I had put all my energy into the San Francisco job, I didn’t have a back-up plan. I went into survival mode and started applying for any job that was remotely related to advertising/marketing in Reno. I probably applied to 100 different jobs, from mannequin dresser at Macy’s to television ad salesperson. Out of all the jobs I applied for, I only heard back from a handful. Then, one day, I got calls to set up interviews at two different places on the same day! I tried not to stress out too much about the interviews and both went well.

I got a call back the next day from my current employer and was offered a part-time job. I accepted immediately because I have always wanted to work in sports.I started the next week and worked hard everyday. My boss noticed my hard work and within a month, I was working full-time hours. I stayed late, came in early and volunteered to help outside my normal work hours. That helped me stand out from the rest of the part-time employees.

My advice to job seekers is to be persistent. Just because you don’t hear back from an employer, don’t get discouraged. Send a note, call the hiring manager, or stop by the office. It’s hard to ignore someone who is standing in your office. Once you have a job, don’t be afraid to take on extra work or stay late. Employers notice the people who don’t mind taking on extra work or who are always eager to learn new things. It’s important to stand out for good reasons at your job and often the best way to do that is to go above and beyond what it expected of you.


Job Opportunity 10/25/11


Grey San Francisco, famously effective since 1917 has an immediate opening for an Assistant Media Planner

Grey with 121 offices in 116 cities in 94 countries ranks among the largest global advertising companies.  Grey is a full-service agency for the 21st century with a total offering that delivers best-in-class brand communications in every channel.  Amid constant change, Grey has one uncompromising focus: to accelerate the potential of their client’s brands with powerful creative ideas across all touchpoints. The strength and success of the Grey network lies in the imagination, passion and creativity of their people.

Grey is seeking a social media enthusiast, someone who tweets, shares music via Spotify, connects through Facebook and constantly reads blogs like Mashable or Perez Hilton.  Curiosity is an essential quality for this entry level position as the media landscape is rapidly evolving. Technology allows infinite campaign possibilities such as integrations with social media, Geo-Location applications, QR codes and Augmented Reality

This key position will provide support to the Media Planner and team.  This role is also essential to the day-to-day running of the media account and requires an individual that works well in a team-based, fast paced, detail-oriented environment. While advanced media thinking is not expected, the successful AMP is resourceful and demonstrates the initiative to participate in advanced projects.


  • Assist planners in developing media strategy and recommendations.
  • Partner with Accounts and Creative teams to ensure efficient trafficking process
  • Provide research for and write portions of media Point-Of-Views (POVs) and recommendations considering circulation, audience information, and product usage information to determine whether appropriate choice for use.
  • Maintain stewardship of reports including competitive reports using “Nielsen” software to assess media schedules of competitors, interpret data and draw conclusions.
  • Prepare flowcharts and budgets for media plan using Excel, PowerPoint, and planning-specific software.
  • Review and verify media buys to ensure proper execution
  • Meet with sales reps to analyze value and applicability of media vehicles for client media plan.
  • Provide research for and write portions of media Point-Of-Views (POVs) and recommendations considering circulation, audience information, and product usage information to determine whether appropriate choice for use.
  • Will work in conjunction with team (including Finance) on billing and invoicing to maintain consistent process and assist in keeping abreast of all invoice, billing and delivery issues.


  • PC proficiency and solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • BA or equivalent experience required
  • Exceptional attention to detail with the ability to meet aggressive deadlines
  • Good attitude and enthusiastic learner
  • Strong interest in advertising industry and new media
  • Relevant experience not necessary

If interested, please forward your resume to





Pumpkin Carving Contest!


What more do you need to know?

Grab a good lookin’ pumpkin, carve something crazy, take a picture, and let us see it!

You can send us your picture via our Facebook wall, Twitter feed (using the hashtag #ad2renopumpkin), or link it as a comment on this blog post! We’ll be choosing the winners right after Halloween, so please submit any entries by midnight on October 31st!

Of course there will be a sweet prize up for grabs for the winner!

Anyone and everyone can participate, and feel free to enter more than one photo!

P.S. – Our judges will be very impressed with ad-related carvings..just throwin’ that out there!

I got my first job by being talkative.  I talk to everyone, about anything.  I never thought that this trait was actually a form of networking.  I thought I was just being friendly.

I like how Becca put networking in the last blog post.  It’s a scary sounding word that comes off fake and she’s totally right.  If you feel fake, it will come off that way.  The best thing to do is to be yourself.  If you talk to people in your career field, if you share a group or club together, if you go and meet some execs at a trip to an agency and just say hi, you’ve networked.  You’re probably networking right now without even knowing it.

I got a job as a Social Media Marketer by talking to my hairstylist, something I did every few months. What I hadn’t realized was that I was giving her Facebook tips in front of another customer of hers, a local ad agency owner.  Now no, I didn’t get a job at the agency, but he did recommend me to a client of his looking for a Social Media Marketer, whom I now work for.  I didn’t get much of an interview, I just walked in and was offered the position, because she trusted his recommendation.

I’m not saying you don’t need a portfolio or a great resume, but people listen to other people more than they do a piece of paper, so make sure people are saying good things about you.  Talk to others about what you like or what you would like to do in a career.  Offer free advice or blog about your experiences in your field.  It doesn’t matter if they own an agency, or know their cousin’s friend’s uncle used to work at one.

A word of advice from my own failings.  Remember names.  You can’t walk up and say hi to someone you want to get to know better if you forgot their name.  It’s never been a gift of mine, but I certainly have been learned some tricks on how to do it.  If you know something else you’re weak in, such as approaching people or making small talk, practice it in your daily life.  Just be yourself.

I also work a second job that I got the plain old-fashioned way.  I saw a listing, prepared a well-written resume, followed-up, and a month or two later received a call for an interview.  I practiced questions, wrote down responses and researched the company.  The interview was terrifying, but I felt very confident.  I say this because this way can obviously work too and is very crucial.  It just never hurts to keep as many doors open as possible for yourself by combining traditional methods with a little social fun.


I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I graduated before our economy tanked in 2008. The job market has changed, but the techniques have not.

    If you’re a student, get involved in Ad Club. If you’ve graduated, um, hi. Networking. Build your network. Blah, blah blah. Yes, these are all true. You need to do it. But networking has become a buzzword and a Big Scary Thing. And to be perfectly honest with you, it sounds fake. So instead, just get involved. Join a club. Meet people. Make friends. Sign up for as many things as you can while still maintaining at least a little bit of sanity. I joined UNR Ad Club in my senior year of college (students! Don’t wait this long!).
  2. DO STUFF.
    We’ve all been there. Put a club on our resume that we only paid dues for. You get out of it what you put in. It’s common sense, but we all need to be reminded. All you have to do is partake in the activities provided, and volunteer for something every once in a while. Don’t know what you like, or are good at? Volunteer anyway. Knowing what you don’t like to do is just as important as knowing what you do like to do. After I finally realized I needed some kind of career path and joined Ad Club, I signed up for the job shadow program they were running, and took anything that was available. I job shadowed twice before I learned of an internship. I interviewed and got the job.
    It doesn’t matter if you want to be a creative director and the only mentor available works in PR. Or social media. Or account management. It also doesn’t matter if you know what any of those things are. Learn as much as you can about the industry from everyone that you can. Be a sponge. Act like everyone is your mentor (they are) and they know about job opportunities (they probably do). This is not only how you show initiative and that you’re a quick learner, but this is also “How to keep your first job.”

Get out there and do awesome shit. People will notice it.

Job Opportunity 10/10/11


Marketing Coordinator


Contractor with an initial 6-month assignment

You’re a go-getter, critical thinker, excellent writer and have a strong work ethic. You’re smart, creative and can manage your time well.

This position is responsible for the creation and coordination of marketing projects. The individual will have daily tasks to complete as it relates to the marketing process, with an emphasis on writing and developing messaging. You will also participate on medium- and long-term projects relating to marketing initiatives and programs that impact the organization.

You’ll work independently, coordinating all aspects of successful marketing communications project execution. You have the ability to complete work that is on time, on strategy and on budget. You’ll be adding value to our work. To be considered, you must be a talented writer and hardworking individual who thrives in a fast-paced environment while exhibiting a keen eye for detail. The ability and desire to think on your feet is key to this position.


Project management: Writes content for a variety of mediums including sales literature, emails, videos and more; gathers art assets for marketing materials and organizes them for the team; supplies the creative teams with detailed scope and instructions; works with the creative and management team to project manage programs and jobs; facilitates approvals from all members of the team; coordinates photo shoots; edits and gathers content and assets for PowerPoint presentations; develops and updates schedules based on input from the team; works with individuals and customers outside the marketing organization to facilitate projects

Management: Attends all internal meetings on assigned projects; communicates daily with team captains to prioritize activity; advises departments of priorities; writes for marketing materials


Great writing skills
Great under pressure
Quick thinker
Self motivated and hard working who can handle changing priorities and multiple tasks
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
Ability to prioritize projects and coordinate tasks in order of urgency given time constraints
Ability to interact with all levels of personnel
Microsoft Office
Bachelor’s degree
1-3 years of experience in advertising, marketing, PR, journalism; will also consider outstanding candidates graduating from college


Exposure to advertising or PR agencies through internship or work program
Knowledge of advertising and/or print production
Knowledge of gaming industry

Candidates should email their cover letter and resume to


Job Opportunities – 9/27/11

Company – International Game Technologies

Job Category – Marketing

Full Time

Title – Marketing Specialist III


Manages and leads the implementation of sales tools and product marketing materials for IGT’s largest product line – Core Products. Visit to learn more.  Projects you will be responsible for managing and spearheading are product brochures, web content, power point presentations, and publicity stunts for product launches, the writing of creative briefs and video scripts and special projects as needed. An understanding of social media marketing is helpful. The ideal candidate will be creative, possess superior communications and budget-planning skills, and be up to the task of launching products with casino partners, globally. You will frequently engage with sales, product management and the game studios to validate messaging and receive input on needed sales materials. You believe there is no “I” in team and work well with peers.


Bachelor’s Degree in journalism, marketing, communications or related field

5+ years of experience in corporate marketing with demonstrated career progression

Casino marketing and/or gaming industry knowledge a plus.

All qualified candidates, please submit a cover letter and resume to


Company – International Game Technologies

Job Category – Public Relations

Full Time

Title – PR Manager


IGT is looking for a Public Relations Manager to lead company-wide PR strategies and drive global messaging. Supervise and mentor a team of PR Representatives and manage external PR and advertising agencies and related vendors. Build media relationships and develop a media outreach plan. Write and distribute press releases and media alerts. Oversee the coordination of media events.  Work cross-functionally to support PR for product launches, corporate initiatives, technology developments, and achievement of company milestones. Analyze performance data and prepare management reporting relating to campaign results, corporate impact and other important quantitative and qualitative data.


BS/BA required with a degree in marketing, communications, journalism, English or related

8 years of PR experience and 2+ years of experience managing PR teams
International experience a plus

Expertise in developing and executing PR strategy

Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills

Creative, able to influence and passionate about influence internal and external audiences

Team player

Interested and qualified applicants must send their resumes with cover letter to:

Kudos, Connections & Kindness

Up, up and away

If you didn’t make it out to the Great Reno Balloon Race this year, you missed out on an awesome weekend. The 30th anniversary celebration was complete with various spectator events, a 9-11 tribute, and of course, the highly anticipated debut of the Darth Vader balloon. We wanted to give major props to two of our members for their work on making this year’s event a huge success. Ad2 Reno’s Tasha Courtney (event coordinator) and Rebecca Wikler (media coordinator) – along with local agency Olsen & Associates and the Reno Balloon Race team – put in hours upon hours and several late nights and weekends worth of work to plan a seamless 3-day event. Great job ladies – all of your hard work definitely paid off!

Calling all mentors!

The ADvantage Mentor Program is up and running for the new school year! We’ve got some UNR Ad Clubbers that are looking for professional mentors, so please let us know if you’re interested. We’ll get you an easy-to-read roadmap and everything you need to facilitate the mentor-mentee relationship. This is a great opportunity to introduce young professionals to our industry and all of the great people in it. Please shoot an e-mail to Rebecca if you’d like to learn more.

TK – Global Kindness

Wondering what our public service client has been up to? While we’ve been working on some new logo designs, Brian Williams and the Think Kindness Crew just got back from their annual trip to Kenya where they donated shoes to thousands of very grateful children. The shoes were collected from students at schools throughout northern Nevada. Not only that, but they brought along LifeStraws – devices that provide the children with clean, filtered drinking water. Take a look at KTVN’s coverage here.

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