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This past weekend, Sarah and I traveled to the Coachella Music & Arts Festival to take in some good tunes, happy vibes, and creative inspiration to help get out of the springtime slump. As one of the largest music festivals in the United States, people around the country (Sarah and I included) turned to social media to upload their pictures, share their experiences, and check-in to the event.

Coachella itself was using social media to promote the event and its happenings (it even had a smart phone app that didn’t totally suck) to both festival attendees and viewers at home. Brands like Urban Outfitters, Heineken, Redbull, H&M, Playstation, Fruttare and the upcoming This Is the End movie with a nice 420 reference got in on the fun.

This is The End promotion by plane on 4-20 over Coachella Music & Arts Festival on April 4, 2013. Ads like this one were all over the Coachella Valley during the festival.   This one was probably the best pf the bunch because they clearly knew their target audience and timed it appropriately. Whoever was behind this media buy, kudos.

Other in-air ads were banners promoting the clubs at both the Wynn and Encore casinos in Las Vegas and Geico.com.

As Coachella’s exclusive beer vendor, Heineken turned the beer gardens green and definitely stepped up its game in the Heineken Domes this year. The DJs in the dome engaged their fans via user-controlled iPads that allowed fans to control the lighting patterns to each set. The domes also had free Wi-Fi so all those over-sharers could stay connected and keep their thumbs busy. Like previous years, Heineken offered campers cold beer storage, for free. Priiiiiittty awesome.

If you chose to register your wristbands (we didn’t do this), y0u could check-in to each performance on Facebook and take a picture. There were little Facebook check-in kiosks at each of the six stages. You could also unlock an exclusive Coachella badge if you checked in using Foursquare. Sadly, I totally forgot to do this. Oh well.

Lauren Randolph, or better known under her photography handle Lauren Lemon, repped’ Fruttare both weekends using Instagram. She is originally from Reno and now is living in L.A. getting paid to go to Coachella. Not bad Miss Lemon.  Take a peek at her Instagram feed to see what I’m talking about: http://instagram.com/laurenlemon.

Urban Outfitters used the hashtag #FestBest on both Instagram and Twitter to preach to their hipster disciples.  Clearly, UO knows their demographic.

The best part of Coachella by far was being able to represent Ad2 Reno! (Thanks to Sarah for letting me wear her hat. I lost mine on the flight back from the Mid Year Retreat in Orlando. Booooo.)

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Ad2 Reno #WhyAd2 Superbowl 2013


The biggest television event of the year is here! That’s right, it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Although we have quite a few members who are sports enthusiasts, I for one specifically watch for the Super Bowl for the ads. Don’t get me wrong, the game this year is extra special for those of us in Reno because our former college QB is now the starting QB for the 49ers in the big game. That’s right, I’m talking about Kaepernick.

Go Kap! Reno loves Kap. A lot. So, although I’m not a huge football fan, you can bet that a few more Ad2ers will be watching the game and not just the ads. Maybe.

But, we know Advertisers aren’t the only ones who wait in anticipation for these advertising gems. The Super Bowl is not only likely to be the most watched TV show this year, but  according to ADWEEK, 99.3 percent of its highly targeted audience watch the commercials.

There has been a trend of posting “teaser ads” leading up to the ads featured during the big game. You can see most of them here.

We’ll be live tweeting the ads as they roll out today on Twitter using #Ad2SB. We hope you join in on the fun and give us your thoughts/first impressions/comments/ratings of the ads right along with us. Be sure to follow @Ad2Reno and get your thumbs ready for some excessive ad tweets.