While live-tweeting the Super Bowl for Ad 2 I noticed something, almost unanimously everyone hated and loved the same commercials. So that got me thinking, what makes these commercials so appealing or appalling to the everyone? If we combine every good commercial into one, would that be the greatest Super Bowl Commercial ever?! One way to find out but first, let’s dissect the best of Sunday night.

Want to Grab your Audience? Nostalgia is Key

Two of the best ads from the night made you nostalgic for years past. I’m talking about both the RadioShack and Toyota featuring The Muppets.  They take the viewer  back to their childhood.  In the Toyota ad Terry Crews is going through what the viewer is going through in his mind.

Just remember to actually get something that’s nostalgic. I’m looking at your Matrix commercial KIA.

Don’t Rely on Scantily Clad Women 

What did all commercials both good and bad share? Not one of purely used the sex-appeal of the fairer sex to sell. Did anyone miss it? No. Moving on.

But Men on the Other Hand…

See all Twitter traffic mentioning H&M and David Beckham.


I don’t get it. . .

Crazy Over-the-Top Things is Still Fine (within reason)

This one has to be precise. Take a look at Audi’s Doberhuahua. Commercial starts small and quickly escalates to a Doberhuahua apocalypse. In other words take the Transformer trailer equation: Marky Mark + Transformers + Robot Dinosaurs = WIN.

Don’t take the Bud Light approach Guy + Secret Camera + Actors not doing anything = Confused Audience.

Generic = Lame

Hate to pick on Bud Light again but seriously the Cool Twist ad was the definition of generic.

I mean look at it! You could plug in any beer, no wait, any drink and the ad would not change. I mean this commercial could pass as the Bud Light Platinum commercial earlier in the night.

Don’t Play your Hand too Soon

Let’s say you’re playing Texas hold’em. You get an awesome hand and the flop is so favorable that you can’t lose. So you go all in right away. Everyone folds and your perfect hand wins you a handful of chips rather than a huge pot. This is what Budweiser did with one of the best ads of the night.

Emotional and tugs at the heart strings, this commercial has so much emotion that it might have been commercial of the night. Might have been. If you were on YouTube at all the week before the Super Bowl  you definitely saw this ad over and over again. I saw this ad so much that I just recognized it as the ad I skip on my YouTube videos. All the “umph” had been taken out. That’s a shame.

Cause a Little Controversy

I love Cheerios’ commercial the follow up to its “controversial” interracial family was so good. It featured a big ol’ F.U. to the haters while not being vulgar. It was genius.

With immigration being a hotly debated issue Coca-Cola had to know their “It’s Beautiful” paid tribute to America’s diversity and knew it would cause controversy. It also makes Pepsi drinkers seem like bigots.


Well I think that’s enough to make the perfect Super Bowl commercial. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go write a script where Mark Wahlberg and his trusty Pitpug ride time traveling robot dinosaurs back to the 90’s  all while making social commentary on fracking. Oh and David Beckham will be in his chones in every shot. To see this and every other Super Bowl commercial head on over to YouTube.


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