The big game is finally over and with it so are some very memorable moments: The Niners almost pulling a miraculous comeback. The shortest BeyoncĂ© concert complete with the shortest Destiny’s Child reunion ever. Joe Flacco dropping the F-bomb to cap off the night. Still what most people will talk about today at the water coolers will be the ads (the blown pass interference call will be a close second). During that conversation the subject of “who had the best ad?” will eventually come up. Well I’m here to tell you who had said ad.

Oreo had the best ad. Plain and simple. It was really no contest. Before it’s Whisper Fight ad Oreo had around 2,200 Instagram followers. Shortly after the ad air its followers sky rocketed to 20,000 and is now reaching 30,000 followers (Thank you Mashable for those stats). Even so this wasn’t the best ad of the night. Their best ad wasn’t even featured in the Super Bowl.

Quick! What was the most memorable thing at the game? If you answered the power outage give yourself a pat in the back. While the network scrambled to fill time by showing Rave’s highlights and I scrambled on continuing Ad2 Reno’s #Ad2SB tweet chat going, Oreo released this little beauty.

Instantly our Twitter feed changed from “who forgot to pay the electric bill jokes” to everyone sharing this. Sure some other companies did the same thing but this got the most reactions. I wanna say that this was more talked about than any other Super Bowl ad. Sure it benefited from a freak incident that gave it the spotlight for thirty minutes, but all other advertisers had the same opportunity. The difference was that Oreo not just pounced on it but made the perfect ad to along with the situation. In other words they killed all other competitors. Their ads completed what they set out to do. Sky rocket Instagram followers, BOOM! Done. Have thirty minutes of people talking about your product, BOOM! Done. Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the lights out winner of Super Bowl Sunday, Oreo.

One last thing, I would like to thank everyone and all Ad2 chapters that tweeted with us. If you want to see all Super Bowl ads like the Whisper Fight check them out here.

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