To be creative is to be curious and, let me tell you, there is a lot to be curious about in Reno. From people watching on Second and Virginia streets to the new businesses popping up in Midtown, creative ideas are flowing freely.

Basically, be curious about your community. There are a lot of beautiful places within the Truckee Meadows, both public and hidden, that may inspire your creativity. Take a walk near the river, stroll down city alleys that feature murals by local artists, attend community events, and (my personal favorite) eat at a new restaurant. Food cures all creative ruts.

Here are a few of my favorite places and things that inspire me to strive for creative excellence:

Midtown Eats
Absolutely love this restaurant. From homemade light fixtures made out of recycled bottles to candles to book covers used as receipt holders, Midtown Eats is a DIY, Pinterest-worthy mecca. Did I mention they have great food?

Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum
Inside one of Reno’s newest attractions — a museum dedicated to teaching children about science — is a three-story cloud-like jungle gym. And like the four-year-old boy climbing to its top, I was just as inspired watching action from afar. So for a little inspiration, and a $10 entry fee, take a stroll through this facility and simply play.

University of Nevada, Reno
From its classic brick buildings to a vibrant campus community — from student events to art exhibitions — there is always something going on at Nevada’s oldest (and best) college campus.

Bibo Coffee Shop
This is a personal favorite. I love sipping on a large cup of this Reno coffee house’s Chai tea on my lunch break to unwind from a busy work day, regroup my thoughts and come back re-energized. Locations near the university, downtown and the Old Southwest.

Random Acts of Art
Have you noticed the art behind The Ross Manor? Behind Ceols?  Have you noticed the beautiful sketchings on downtown newspaper bins? There are many other samples of random acts of art. Have you noticed any?

Ad2 Reno…of course
The people. The ideas. Being around each member reminds you why you’re in the ad business. And having others to chat about business, bounce ideas off of and celebrate the successes of our tiny, but tight, community is inspiring in itself.

There’s always something to be found in Reno that may inspire creativity. Some places are obvious, some are hidden. You just have to be curious enough to find it.

If you have a spot that inspires creativity, share it in the comments.

About the Author

- Graphic design artist who loves all things creative and beautiful.


  1. Kaitlin Godbey
    Mar 13, 2012

    Great post Megan! I haven’t been to the Discovery Museum yet, but I have really been wanting to check it out. One place for me that helps get the creative juices flowing is Squeezed In. I’m a bit of a free spirit, so their decorations totally get me. Plus, they have free wifi and GREAT food. You’re totally right, food does cure all creative ruts.

    • Megan Stanphill
      Mar 13, 2012

      Thank you, Kaitlin! Squeeze In is a great place to be creative. I know when I’m there, I always have to draw something on the walls! It’s just like going into a restaurant that lays out paper table covers and crayons so that you can draw while eating. I doodle so much that at the end of my meal, the waiter asks if I want to take home my “artwork”.

  2. Nicole Carlsen
    Mar 13, 2012

    Love this post. Reno is such a creative place, I really want to check out Reno Collective as well as the discovery museum. I too love to have food around when thinking.

    • Megan Stanphill
      Mar 13, 2012

      Reno Collective is another great place in Reno to find creative inspiration. Highly suggest checking it out. They are such talented people who pride themselves on their collaborative workplace. Try attending one of their many events – Lunch with Ted, Collective Desk Concerts and Hacknights.